HeartChase Fredericksburg 2014

University of Mary Washington

1301 College Ave.
Fredericksburg, VA 22401

HeartChase is a high-tech scavenger hunt along the lines of The Amazing Race. Participants form teams with their friends, family and/or co-workers, picking a theme, and dressing the part! Teams then race to find and solve clues and participate in fun, non-strenuous fitness challenges at checkpoints throughout the UMW campus. Teams can be made up of 2 - 5 people (4 - 5 recommended) and be comprised of families, friends, neighbors, coworkers, etc. Online tools make it easy to spread the word and raise funds for the American Heart Association (AHA). Funds raised from HeartChase help the AHA continue its education of people of all ages on the risks and warning signs of heart attack and stroke and aid in life saving research. There is no minimum fundraising amount and participation is free. The American Heart Association, educating people about Heart Disease for 89 years! Get in on the fun! Join the Chase! Save a life!

Saturday, 15 March, 2014


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