Kids Judo Classes Beginner Ages 4-8 years old

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Kids Judo Classes

Our philosophy with students this young is that any activity must be fun and interesting for the child or they won’t absorb the activity. We must also get the students set down the path of learning Judo in a way that is safe and the least frustrating for all. So the kids get used to listening to the instructors and following along with the class.

Also kids are taught skill-sets in small pieces with games built around them so that the kids absorb the skills quickly and permanently. We have two big rules we try to get across to the kids: “Try your best”…especially on things you’re not good at-it’s the only way you’ll get better at them & “Have fun”. With these ideas in mind we hope to see all kids set down the proper path to learn Judo and have fun practicing it for the rest of their lives.

  • FOCUS ��" Learning to use their eyes, ears and body in order to watch then demonstrate the techniques they learn
  • TEAMWORK ��" Working together in small teams or with partners they must learn to cooperate with everyone
  • CONTROL ��" In addition to controlling the use of their own bodies and movements Judo teaches control of others
  • MEMORY ��" Demonstrating the steps required to perform a technique as well as the Japanese terminology
  • AGILITY ��" The final integration of dynamic balance with gross and fine motor skill development
  • BALANCE ��" Executing the throwing the grappling techniques while maintaining ones balance is key
  • COORDINATION ��" Performing the various techniques stationary and later moving with a partner
  • DISCIPLINE ��" Demonstrating how to properly sit, kneel and stand at attention without moving or talking
  • FITNESS ��" A combination of strength, flexibility, endurance and overall good feeling 

Saturday, 06 September, 2014

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